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Male International Airport

Male International Airport

The main airport in the Maldives is situated near the capital on the Hulhule Island, the Male’ International Airport. It was the only international airport located in the Maldives until the Gan was upgraded to an international standard. Not only is it one of the most popular airports in the Maldives it’s one of the oldest – it was officially opened back in 1966, April 12th to be exact.

Since opening there has been a lot of interest in the Male’ International Airport when it comes to airlines, they have been applying to the government so that they can start holding flights to and from the Maldives as it’s becoming a very popular holiday destination for people of all ages. It was stated that by the beginning of March 2007, around 15 new airlines had asked for permission to use this airport.

To cater for this there is plans to upgrade and build new terminals including the improvement of the runway. This airport is not run by the government, the independent company Maldives Airport Company Limited is responsible for the financial as well as administrative side of things.

The Gan International Airport was actually originally built by the British Navy and used as a military airbase during the Second World War, in the late 1970’s early 1980’s Britain actually gave it to the Maldivian government so it could be used as a domestic airport. It was then later improved and built to international standard so it could cater for international flights around the world.

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